Private Notary Services

Private Notary Services

Horizons & Co. is authorised and licensed by the Government of Dubai to provide Private Notary Services. Adv. Ali Ismael Al Zarooni, chairman and founder of Horizons & Co. is the firm’s Private Notary. He is assisted by a team of specialised associates to carry out notary services for clients.

The privatisation of notary services is a Dubai Government initiative in line with the smart Government transformation process which has come to influence the business sector in Dubai. This provides clients with efficient solutions to process their transactions, quickly and easily.

Our clients come from various sectors, including real estate, labour, civil, corporate and commercial, as well as private clients. We provide an efficient and flexible notary service, and for convenience we are pleased to provide a visitation service, upon request.

Our firm can notarise the following documents:

Memorandums of association(s) for different types of companies;

  • Share sale agreements;
  • Assignment of Shares;
  • Amendments of Memorandum of Association;
  • Various types of agreements and contracts;
  • Powers of Attorney for Trademarks;
  • Legal Notices;
  • Acknowledgements of debt;
  • Reconciliation and Settlement Agreements;
  • Agreements for Appointment of Local Service Agency;
  • Job offers;
  • Board Resolutions;
  • Endorsements of signatures of various types of documents;
  • Various types of declarations;
  • Powers of Attorney; and
  • Powers of Attorney Revocations.


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