It is a well known fact that maritime is among one of the important sectors towards the socio-economic development of many countries which are surrounded by sea or have inland waterbodies such as lakes and rivers.

Our lawyers are licensed attorneys whose primary focus is on law relating to any activity on the sea. They represent clients or businesses in cases relating to the seas, oceans, and other open bodies of water. As one of the oldest branches of law, maritime law today covers a broad area of issues, ranging from injuries and working conditions at sea to shipping and commerce, as well as recreational boating and environmental issues. Ships that fly the U.A.E flags or pass by U.A.E waters are subject to U.A.E maritime law.

Our maritime lawyers may argue cases in court, draft documents, negotiate agreements and handle complaints about injuries or illnesses that are caused by seacraft or a company disposing waste into the water.


  • Arrest and release the vessels.
  • Charter Parties
  • Bill of Lading
  • Maritime Law
  • Marine Insurance
  • International Trade
  • CIF and FOB disputes
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Vessel sale and purchase
  • Ship Finance
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